“I came to see you because for about two years my bowels were at all times so “uncertain” that I was unable to make advance plans, and did not know what my condition would be from one day to the next. Dealing with professionals, I had tried several forms of natural and alternative medicine and while many were helpful to some degree, nothing solved the problem, healed, or cured the situation. In one session my body was healed. Unbelievable to me but from the moment I left Lou Veltri’s office, my system functioned normally, as it should. Several months later it continues to function as it should. As Lou worked on me, I was aware that things were happening in my body. Reflexology, in the hands of Lou Veltri, was a completely effective approach to a long-term chronic condition. I would absolutely recommend Lou and have already done so. Often.
— M.K. Business Owner
Since beginning work with Lou, his knowledgeable applied touch has helped me be more in sync with my body and its’ start of health and healing. Remarkably he has also become in tune with my health and seems to find spots in need of attention. The benefits if Lou’s sessions have not been limited to physical benefits. I have been able to rediscover my center and achieve peace through his sessions.”

-Cheryl F
“The sessions loosened up my neck which allowed me to feel better, sleep better, and reduced the pain. In addition it aided in improving a skin condition as it reduced and almost eliminated the itchiness of my skin which had been bothering me for a number of months.”

J.S.— Director Global Pricing