Corporate Wellness Events

My corporate program is a full day onsite introduction to Reflexology. The program consists of individual 20-minute sessions with each person receiving a brief overview of the benefits of reflexology, followed by a hands-on reflexology session. This session is performed on the individual's feet while they relax in a reflexology chair. Individuals who have participated in my corporate programs all report a feeling of relaxation and renewed energy after their reflexology session.

Please contact me for more information on customized Wellness Day Programs for your organization. 

Past programs:

Bridgewater Associates
”Employees felt lower stress and revitalized after each session.” Director of Human Resources

”In a software development environment such as Oracle, lower stress creates a more positive atmosphere and happier employees.” Project Manager, Business Operations/Engineering Unit 

Greenwich Associates
”The Reflexology sessions were a great addition to our Wellness Month activities. Each participating employee felt relaxed and revitalized at the end of the session. It would be an honor to recommend your services.” Manager, Learning and Development

Wall Street Journal
”Things like nap rooms and massage recliners may sound out of place to some in a working environment. But such perks can boost productivity when there are older workers with sore backs or young parents with sometimes sleepless nights. But companies trying them say can be done simply and inexpensively and they produce better morale, increased motivation and less stress.” January 25, 2005