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Natural Balance Reflexology

Regain your balance, regain your health


Why Reflexology?

Reduce stress
Deep relaxation
Cancer treatment side effect symptom management
Improve circulation
Enhance sleep
Improve elimination of toxins
Alleviate pain
Restore the natural functioning of all systems
Revitalize energy
Preventative health care
and much more...

The feet and hands contain a map of the human body. Specific areas on each foot and hand directly correlate to every system in our bodies, such as our physical structure, internal organs, and lymphatic, nervous, and circulatory systems. For example, the toes and thumbs represent the head and neck areas. Through knowledgeable manipulation of various points on the feet and hands, a reflexologist can address specific corresponding organs or parts of the body to address any imbalances in energy that can lead to stress and illness.

One of the most important benefits of reflexology is its' efficacy in reducing stress. Approximately 70 percent of disorders can be related to stress and nervous tension. Because reflexology encourages the body to relax, other functions are also affected. Every part of the body receives it nerve supply from the spine. Abnormal tension leads to tightening of the muscles of the spine. When tension is relaxed muscles cease to contract, blood vessels are also relaxed allowing circulation to flow freely, so necessary oxygen and nutrients are conducted to all parts of the body tissues and organs. The result is the body adjusting itself back to its' natural state of balance.